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Friends, the Time Is Now:
Thursday, October 16, 2014
6 – 8 pm

Blueprint Houston reached a crucial and important milestone in 2014. Mayor Annise Parker directed the City to undertake the development of a General Plan, something Blueprint Houston has advocated since our inception in 2002. As the General Plan initiative advances, Blueprint Houston’s advocacy must continue.

Why Keep Blueprint Houston going? Public support for a General Plan is overwhelming: the annual Kinder Houston Area Survey regularly records 84% support. Community leaders know that now is the time to move the City forward. The City’s initiative would not have been possible without the sustained efforts of our Board of Directors and many supporters like you.

As Mayor Parker said: “A general plan is about good governance. Practical, innovative, consensus based planning can improve collaboration, enhance partnerships, improve policy-making and ultimately deliver higher quality outcomes more quickly and at reduced cost. It is time for Houston to join a host of other cities that enjoy the benefits of a general plan.”

Blueprint Houston has a seat at the table for this initiative. We are committed to acting as the champion of the public’s vision, values, and goals. Our work is not over. Join us to sustain our efforts and support “The Time Is Now” campaign to guide our city along this new path. Blueprint Houston has already provided meaningful financial and technical support to the City, support that will need to continue and grow. Join your voice to ours by supporting Blueprint Houston as the advocate for your vision, values, and goals.

Thank you for your past support. Please continue in that effort by supporting Blueprint Houston with a tax deductible year end contribution. Click on www.blueprinthouston.org, Donate Now; or send a check to Blueprint Houston, 3015 Richmond Avenue #201, Houston, Texas 77098.

On behalf of the Board,

Joe Douglas Webb, AIA, Chair

Board Members: Victor Alvarez, Keiji Asakura, Rogene Calvert, David Crossley, Bob Eury, Tony Garcia, Jr., Don Glenn, John Guess, Guy Hagstette, David Hawes, Jim Hill, Gregory Knight, Clark Lord, Rene Martinez, Clark Martinson, Jackie Mayhorn, Mike McEnany, Robert Muhammad, Theola Petteway, Rebecca Reyna, Randhir Sahni, Jonathan Smulian, Martha Murphree, Executive Director

Advisory Board: Rey de la Reza, Bill Neuhaus.

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Citizens’ Vision for Houston’s Future

A diverse city of opportunity where we live in harmony in a healthy environment.
Choices for home, work, and play in healthy and beautiful neighborhoods with self-determination.
Sustainable prosperity and development that balances economy, community, and environment.
Coordinated land use and transportation plans to create andmaintain a high level of access for all.
A government that is wise, efficient, accountable, and creative.
An educated and skilled workforce, with lifelong educatonal opportunities.
A vibrant, internationally recognized center of artistic and cultural excellence.

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The Quiet Revolution
The Growing Role of Municipal Management Districts in Houston

Most Houstonians are not aware of the work of municipal management districts (MMDs) and of their growing importance to our city. By adding an increased level of services beyond what city government can provide, MMDs are making a real difference as Houston evolves into a multi-dimensional global city. In fact, a discussion about governance in Houston that excludes the role of MMDs will lead to misguided conclusions about our city in the 21st century. The outcomes and style of work of MMDs also could be a model for a “Houston style of planning” that serves the visions, values and goals of our citizens with progress toward such coordination already becoming evident during the course of preparing this report.

For the full report, click here. For the Executive Summary, click here.


This document outlines a vision and a set of principles and goals based on citizen values in the City of Houston. It was developed over a period of eight years as the basis for a General Plan for Houston’s Future. It was distilled from several years of public visioning processes and a scientific survey of likely voters.
The need for a true General Plan is clear. It would serve as a management tool that city government, city departments, developers, business leaders, and citizens could use as they make infrastructure and other investment decisions.
A General Plan for the City’s future is consistently supported by 83% of respondents in the Houston Area Survey, which was last conducted in February 2009 by Dr. Stephen Klineberg of the Rice University Sociology Department. It is also required by law in Chapter 33 of the City’s Code of Ordinances.


Blueprint Houston is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization and is eligible to
receive deductible contributions.


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