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Blueprint Houston Archive

A City Council initiative to create a general plan
for Houston's future is underway


Last summer, Houston City Council passed a budget amendment that called for the Planning Commission to create a “plan to plan” that would define how to move toward a general plan for etc (need language). Now a committee of the Commission is working on that and it will be ready by the end of the year. The goal is within reach!
Through your participation in Blueprint Houston events, you've helped set the stage for this moment. You've told us - and your elected officials - about the kind of future you want. You've said there's a lot about Houston you want to preserve, and there's a lot you want to fix.
Now we need your help again to make this plan happen.
This is not about zoning, it's not about draconian government regulations, it's not about tax increases. It's about setting a direction for the spending of all the public resources we already have - toward a vision we all share. It's about making sure that all the dots are connected, and that the values we all share are supported by our spending, and are not diminished by that spending.
Blueprint Houston has championed a general plan for more than four years, and along the way it's spent a lot of money to discover what values we all share in Houston. We have a clear picture of that now, and we see it affirmed in many other visioning exercises in the region. The set of values and goals recorded by Blueprint is a $750,000 gift to the City, mostly provided by Houston Endowment
with help from many others and tremendous work by hundreds of Blueprint staff and volunteers.
Now this is getting serious, because if a planning process begins, we know you'll want it to be a good one that is based on citizen values. Our job is to support those values.
This means our initiative needs money. We've been supported mostly by organizations and people with a lot of money. Now it's time for the beneficiaries of all this work - the citizens of Houston - to help pay for it as best they can. We ask for whatever you feel good contributing. One dollar? Okay, one dollar. It's your support that's necessary. $5? $20? $100? $1,000? $10,000? What can you do to help?
Please hit the Donate button. Give this important movement to a better future for all Houstonians some financial help. It's about your future.

Committee chair and members (send them a letter of support!)
Council Resolution
What is a General Plan?
(presentation by David Crossley, Gulf Coast Institute)
Compendium of Plans
houstonplan.org (for more about general planning and the history of this initiative)

Download Final Report in pdf format

June 30 Next Steps Meeting (verbatim notes, Word doc)
Statement 1 (Council adopt agenda)
Statement 2 (Council begin process for plan)
Statement 3 (Agenda before candidates)
Statement 4 (Reorganize Blueprint Houston)
Best Ideas

Citizens' Agenda for Houston's Future Draft greensheet (pdf)

Five public meetings
All ideas (pdf)
Goals and strategies -draft (pdf)
Final Goals Strategies Actions (pdf)
Public Meetings, Download flyer (pdf)
Public Meetings, Download flyer (Word doc)

Leaders Conference
Leaders Conference, Read the Chronicle story
All results (pdf)
Revised values (pdf)

Blueprint Houston hires consultant

Task force meeting
Values - verbatim (pdf)
Values - edited (pdf)
Critical questions - verbatim (pdf)
Critical questions - edited (pdf)

Blueprint Houston Executive Summary (Word doc)
Memorandum of Understanding with Center for Houston's Future (Word doc)

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