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Blueprint Houston Events

Kickoff Reception for Envision Houston Region, 6/27/05

Blueprint Houston Reception for Planning Commission 2/8/05

Blueprint Houston Leaders’ Conference, 11/20/04

Deputy Chief of Staff for Neighborhoods and Houston (Summary)

Presentation by Rick Bernhardt, Nashville Executive Director of Planning, 6/8/04.

Blueprint Houston Forum: 2025 Regional Transportation Plan 4/27/04

The San Diego City of Villages Plan. Presentation by Gail Goldberg and Colleen Clementson. 2/18/04

Mayor White's remarks at Blueprint Houston reception 1/8/04

City Council Passes Blueprint Resolution 12/19/03

The Dallas Plan, Presentation by Karen Walz, 11/18/03

Mayoral Candidates' Forum Transcript Download transcript (Word doc)10/18/03

Blueprint Houston Citizens' Congress, 5/31/03

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