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Blueprint Houston Newsletter - November 2005

Good Overview of Houston


Blueprint Houston supports a comprehensive planning process for the city and the region and provides a forum for the community to collectively voice its vision of the kind of future we want our children to inherit. For this reason, Blueprint Houston co- sponsored with H-GAC the Envision Houston Region workshops in September and October, 2005.

The Metropolitan Transportation Planning Process: Key Issues

Part I: Overview of Metropolitan Transportation Planning

  • What is the metropolitan transportation planning process
  • What is the Metropolitan Planning Organization and its functions
  • What are the relationships among the MPO ,the state DOT and other agencies involved in transportation planning
  • What are the key documents produced by the metropolitan planning process
  • How is federal transportation funding provided to metropolitan areas
  • How do these funding processes affect MPO’s

Part II: Major Policy and Planning Issues

  • Air Quality
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Planning and programming
  • Freight Movement
  • Land Use and Transportation
  • Models and their Use
  • Performance Measures
  • Project development and the NEPA Process
  • Public Involvement
  • Safety
  • System Management and Operations
  • Title VI/Environmental Justice
  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM)


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