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Blueprint Houston July 2005 Newsletter
Blueprint Houston Newsletter - July 2005

Envison Houston Region

Explore growth alternatives for Houston and the region

Make Your Voice Heard!  

  • Houston Public Workshop
  • George R Brown Convention Center
  • Saturday, September 17, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.
  • RSVP: hsweetnam@blueprinthouston.org
  • A partnership of Blueprint Houston and H-GAC

Public officials expect the Houston region to grow from 3.5 million to 7 million by 2025. Where will they live and work? How will they travel from place to place? Today’s investments in transportation will affect the shape of our region and the future of our neighborhoods as well as our mobility, air quality and housing choices. Attend the public workshop on September 17 th and map your version of a livable Houston region with 3 million more people. The results of this workshop and 4 additional workshops in Baytown, Katy, Conroe and Alvin will be compiled and considered by H-GAC in the development of the Regional Transportation Plan. For more information see Press Release and Frequently Asked Questions. For information on additional workshops, go to www.envisionhoustonregion.org

June Kickoff Reception Generates Interest in Value of Visioning Process
Over 200 community leaders attended the Blueprint Houston kick off reception for Envision Houston Region. Students from the University of St. Thomas demonstrated the mapping exercise for the fall public workshops. John Fregonese, a nationally known consultant selected by H-GAC to lead Envision Houston Region, addressed the value of visioning for planning future growth (see comments below) All were encouraged to make sure their part of Houston is represented at the workshops. Please contact hsweetnam@blueprinthouston.org if you can forward email announcements about the project or make announcements at meetings of your civic or professional organizations.

Regional Planning Practices Start with Visioning

Decisions about capital improvements can affect how and where a region will grow and, in turn, its quality of life and potential for economic development. The state of the art in planning for specific public investments begins with a visioning process that facilitates citizen involvement, according to John Fregonese, Calthorpe Associates, a firm with international experience in regional planning.

Visioning is valuable because it “helps the public and the decision makers understand the consequences of their choices by developing and analyzing high level long term scenarios or visions for a region.” The process engages the public in evaluating growth alternatives and selecting a vision that will guide the allocation of public resources over time. The process promotes a cost effective approach to accommodating future growth and produces a common ground of public support for specific infrastructure proposals. Fregonese’s comments on the visioning process and success in other cities can be found at Blueprint Houston.

 What is our Current Vision for Growth?

Transportation networks are a major determinant of where people choose to live and work. Major transportation projects are being planned now to accommodate the needs of 3 million more people. See proposed tollroad and federally funded projects in the H-GAC 2025 Plan; and METRO Solutions for new rail and bus rapid transit proposals. What are the combined implications of these projects for future mobility, for air quality, for housing choices, for open space? What are our alternatives? Envision Houston Region is your chance to provide input to public officials. Please plan to attend the September 17 th workshop at the George R. Brown Convention Center

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