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Blueprint Houston Reports

Reports on Planning Processes in Houston.
A series of reports by University of Houston, Texas, Southern University and University of Texas School of Public Health

A Citizens' Agenda for Houston's Future
Originally titled "Vision, Values and Goals of the Citizens of Houston," this document was derived from a consensus of what is important to the community based on broad public outreach, extensive research, demographic analysis, and surveys.

The Houston General Plan: Proposal by Gulf Coast Institute

What is a General Plan?
Presentation by David Crossley, Gulf Coast Institute

Compendium of Plans
A document that synthesizes a range of existing City and region plans and includes an analysis of the overlaps, discrepancies, and gaps among the plans. (a Word document)

Houston Profile
Current demographic data and forecasts. The two links download a handout and a handout insert from the Citizens' Congress and the other public meetings that contains small versions of most of the maps and charts. Handout insert. (both pdf documents)

Survey of Voters
Blueprint Houston conducted a random telephone survey of over 1,000 registered voters in the City of Houston between May 9 and May 23, 2003. Executive summary. (a Word document)

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