What is Blueprint Houston?
A non-profit organization that serves as a resource and catalyst for better long term planning for Houston’s future growth and development:
  • Building support for a strategic general planning process to implement a vision of future growth that reflects the citizens’ values and goals.
• Serving as a non-partisan facilitator of public dialogue about planning issues.
• Committed to principles of inclusiveness and informed citizen participation in the planning process on a timely basis.

What Is Blueprint Houston’s Mission & Strategy?
Blueprint Houston’s mission is to assure the creation of a general plan for the City of Houston based on citizens’ vision, values, and goals. Blueprint Houston has built community support for a long term planning process that makes improvements to Houston’s quality of life and place. We work with citizens and policy makers to increase understanding of and support for comprehensive planning by:
  • Increasing civic awareness and engagement
• Conducting research
• Organizing opportunities for citizens to make their voice heard in the planning process.
• Building strategic partnerships with civic associations, Super Neighborhoods, management districts, and others.

Who participates in Blueprint Houston?
Houstonians interested in being involved in the decision making process that affects their city’s future quality of life. Participants are broadly representative of the population, matching voting patterns as measured by gender, level of income, ethnic group, or place of residence.

What are Blueprint Houston’s Plans for 2014?
Work with Peter Park, planning and urban design consultant, the Department of Planning and Development, and the Mayor’s Office to support the completion of a “plan to plan” that will include a work plan, resource plan (internal and external to the City), schedule, and budget for creating a Framework Plan for the City to be included in the City’s FY15 budget and to be prepared in 2014-2015.
What do we want to accomplish?
Adoption by Houston City Council of the Framework or General Plan to guide public and private development decisions in the future. Periodic review and update should be included in the plan to assure that is a dynamic guide for the City’s growth.

What have we done?
The Time Is Now, 2013
  An advocacy paper and power point presentation urging action now on a general plan
Engagement of Peter Park, city planner and urban design consultant, 2013-2014
  Park is working from the Mayor’s office with the Department of Planning and Development, a citizen’s advisory committee, and other stakeholders to develop the “Plan to Plan.”
Municipal Management District Study, 2011-12
  An examination of the activities, achievements and best practices of local management districts
Urban Geography, 2012
  A pilot program at Milby High School to provide enhanced resources and teacher support for the urban geography unit in 9th grade social studies focused on the value of planning in the growth and development of cities.
Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant, 2010-2013
  Selected as a member of the 25 organization consortium to apply for the federal grant funded by HUD, DOT, and EPA. Participated in preparing the successful proposal for the $3.75 million, three year grant.
Leader Conference, 2009
  Training session for more than 100 individuals to serve as facilitators for Citizens’ Congress III.
Citizens’ Congress III, 2009
  A gathering at the Brown Convention Center of about 400 people to review the history of planning in Houston and analyze the application of the principles of a general plan at the region, area, and neighborhood scales. Mayoral .
Candidate Forum, 2009
  Discussions with each of the four major candidates for Mayor of Houston to determine their support for a general plan for Houston. All supported the concept.
Neartown Technical Advisory Panel, 2009
  A structured analysis of the needs of the area around the Westheimer/Montrose Involving residents, business owners, and professionals from the Urban Land
Leader Conference, 2008
  A gathering of more than 50 community leaders to evaluate the City’s general plan website.
Leaders’ Conference, 2007
  A conference of more than 100 people to refine and affirm citizens’ vision for Houston.
Publication of Citizens’ Vision, 2007
  In October the Houston Chronicle published The Citizens’ Vision for Houston in a full page ad.
Citizens’ Congress II, 2006
  A public forum of 500 plus community leaders to consider the options generated by Envision Houston Region and to discuss the trade-offs implicit in the building blocks.
Envision Houston Region with H-GAC, 2005
  A regional initiative co-sponsored with H-GAC to engage the public in examining alternative scenarios of how Houston could grow for the purpose of creating a vision for the next Regional Transportation Plan. Over 700 citizens participated in five workshops.
Leaders Conference: What’s the best approach to planning?, 2004
  A conference of two hundred and fifty leaders to review Blueprint Houston studies of the current planning process in Houston for the top ten goals approved at the Citizens Congress and best planning practices in other cities.
Compendium of Plans, 2003
  A review and analysis of 35 plans addressing the urban conditions and growth of the City of Houston.
Citizens Congress, 2003
  A public forum of 1,000 plus community leaders to prioritize the citizens’ values and goals for creation of a vision for long term planning purposes.
Who Funds Us?
Blueprint Houston has been generously funded by the Houston Endowment. Other supporters include:
  • Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation
• The Kinder Foundation
• The Larry and Katherine buck Fund of the Houston Jewish Community Foundation
• An array of corporations and individuals

Why is Blueprint Houston Needed?
While other organizations such as the League of Women Voters and Houston Tomorrow support the concept of a general plan for Houston, Blueprint Houston is the only one to focus its entire energies toward the goal of a general plan by the City of Houston based on citizens’ vision, values and goals.
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